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Run by Gerry Delaney, we have been serving the local community for a number of years now, supplying top quality mosspeat to gardeners and landscapers across the west of Ireland.

Proven, top-quality product. Gives top quality and the best value for your money.

Research winner. Growing trials compared various soils amended with peat, coir, compost and blends. According to Dr. Jean-Yves Daigle:

    "Sphagnum peat can be considered the best overall performer as a soil amendment and substrate: it is homogeneous, easy to handle and has shown the best growth results; all of this at a highly competitive price."

Crop benefits. Irish sphagnum peat moss has the familiar, beneficial properties you want and have come to expect:

  • Yields excellent water and air exchange capacity
  • Provides enhanced root growth and ideal cation exchange capacity
  • Provides excellent buffering capabilities
  • Saves water by retaining moisture and releasing it slowly
  • Saves on fertilizer by reducing nutrient leaching
  • Protects soil from hardening and adds organic material
  • Aerates heavy, clay soil and binds sandy soil

Renewable resource. Peat is considered to be a slowly renewable resource and is harvested in a sustainable manner.